ok you lil sports fans hockey season’s around the corner and i can’t find the old list so i’m making another one with links to streams to watch the games live. not sure how many of them will still work for hockey but hey, i’ll take my chances.

the ones with astericks are the ones i used all last season so. CARRY ON CHILDREN, CARRY ON

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag ❤ 20.09.1993

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It’s good, I’m enjoying the family, enjoying my time, enjoying the life. Lots of beautiful things to do in the life besides the hockey. (x)

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Minnesota Wild have the best snapchat.

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The goalies of the Minnesota Wild - In emojis

"Seeing Bryz walk in the room puts a smile on everyone’s face."

— Zach Parise, sept. 19th 2014 (via finnesotans)
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"Franzen just ripped Kane’s mouthguard out of his mouth and threw it down." x

this will forever be one of the best moments in Red Wings vs Blackhawks history.

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pk and prusty disturb the peace with their argument about who’s better looking (x)

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Y’all laugh at Ryan Getzlaf for balding, but you wouldn’t be laughing if it happened to your favorite player

tbh Kessel looks the same.

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After being the victim of too many pranks, Jonathan Toews grows paranoid. [x]
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minimalist posters
the eastern conference

Geno’s sassy ticket delivery (15 Sep 2014)